Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gag-Gift Backfire

Hi there!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I certainly did!   First, I'd like to give a big shout-out to my sister and brother-in-law in Laura, Ohio!  Hi guys!   They just started reading my blog and it was a small source of entertainment at our Christmas gathering!

They said they had a special gift for me this year; something only I could appreciate.  I began to get excited and wondered if it was something they found on the side of the road or maybe some rusty junk from the barn!  The possibilities were endless!

Brian proceeded to tell the tale of how they acquired such lovely items; they were at some type of holiday gathering for a club that was giving doorprizes; He spotted the items and silently hoped he didn't get stuck with them.  And sure enough, they called his name! ha!!

The bag was rather heavy and I was anxious to see what they were.
They actually aren't that bad; painted river rocks!   (I remember someone even suggesting we throw them back in the river!  No way!)

They just need to be displayed in a nice way and they'll be fine.    I found a small wooden tray, added filler and propped Joseph and Mary up a bit in the corners.   I think it looks nice!

Maybe some re-gifting next year is in order! ha!  Just kidding!   I'm going to look for more river rocks to paint to complete the set!   We need three kings, donkeys, ....!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas!!   We just finished wrapping all the presents; it's driving our daughter crazy!   Such a fun time!

Here's a pic from last year.  We visited the Neiderman Farm north of Cincy for their wonderful Christmas light display.  You walk thru it, then they have a huge barn filled with more Christmas displays including a train display while you enjoy free cookies and hot chocolate.   It was very nice!

Merry Christmas!!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Home Stretch

We are only days away from the BIG day!   How are your plans coming?   I'm still behind but somehow it will all come together.   We all went shopping together today and that didn't work at all; much better when you are split up or I'm out shopping on my lunch hour, which I plan to do this week!

Here's a cute little nest cup I made earlier this year.   I decoupaged peat pots with old hymnal pages and found the Christmas bird-pick at Hobby Lobby half-off and just stuck it in.

And what do you do when you don't have a fireplace mantel for your stockings??  I found heavy-duty magnets with hooks and stuck them to the back of our front door (which is steel) along with our count-down Santa.   Really adds some color to our otherwise boring door.

And of course now that the craft shows are over, my head is spinning with all kinds of garden-related Christmas ornaments and decor!   I definitely need to write them down and hope to find all kinds of supplies after Christmas on clearance!!   I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Well, hope your final plans and shopping are coming together!  If not, just make the best of it and don't let it stress you!   They don't call it "hustle and bustle" for nothing!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flea Market Flop

Well, last weekend was a bit of a flop at the flea market.  Lots of people going thru on Saturday but not many actual 'buyers' at all!   And Sunday a small snowstorm came through that practically halted everything.  We were packed up and out of there by 2:30.

It's hard to figure out sometimes why certain things sell, why others don't, different venues, etc.   I even marked items WAY down, to 50 cents and $1.00, not to make any money, obviously but just to unload it.  What is your experience with flea markets?   I'd love to hear of any successes or flops you've had and any opinions and/or advice you could offer.

One thing that was pretty funny.  Remember that vintage shredding I made?   My husband just couldn't understand who would want that and why and I ended up selling 6 bags!  HA!  In Your Face!   (5 to just one lady at the last craft show and 1 at the flea market, $1/bag.)

Here are some altered bottles I made.   The one with lights in it sold at the flea market, only $6.00!   Heck, the string of lights alone cost me $2.00!   That person made out!

Is everyone ready for Christmas??  I am WAY behind on being ready!   I'm going to be a major shopaholic this weekend! 

Monday, December 6, 2010

We have Winners! And Flea-Market News!

Hello everyone!  I know you have been anxiously waiting for the giveaway winners and they are..................First Place goes to  "Helen".    The runner-up is "Mary-Jo".   Congratulations!  

I really wish I could send out gifts to all who entered!!  Your comments were all so kind!   Thank you!

If Helen and Mary-Jo could email me with your info., I'll get your prizes out this week.

On another note, we decided at the last-minute to rent a booth this weekend at Caesar Creek Flea Market near Wilmington, Ohio.  We will be in Aisle 2 and will be selling lighted bottles, candle hurricanes, altered bottles, mini-plate stands and lots of other misc. items.   So come on out if you can!!    It's a fun place to visit!

Here's a picture of my table at the craft show last Saturday.  (nice calendar on the wall!)  Sold quite a few items but it wasn't really a big show.   I think next year we'll plan better and actually opt for the bigger, more-reputable shows; they are more expensive but as the saying goes.... you get what you pay for.
Well, thanks for visiting and again, thanks to all who entered the giveaway!  It was a lot of fun and I'm already looking forward to the next one!

Stay warm!!  It's downright cold here!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Super-Easy Candle Hurricane Craft!

OK, This is so simple, yet it looks so elegant when finished!   That's the best kind of craft, right??   You start with a plain glass hurricane (purchased at the dollar store for............$1.00!).  

Then you cut lace to fit around it (lace from an old lace curtain purchased at the thrift store for..............99 cents!) and mod-podge it onto the glass.   I also stippled the glue thru the lace on the outside to help it stick (gets a little messy).   Once dry, wrap it with a ribbon and old key.
Looks really pretty with the candle burning inside!!  You might also try those new flameless candles.

I've also wrapped some in old sheet music and they look great too!  (But forgot to take pictures before I downloaded.)   I'll have these all for sale at the show this Saturday and I'll take pictures then.

And don't forget to enter my giveaway on the post below!!   I've got lots of extra craft items just itchin' to get mailed to a lucky winner, which will be drawn on December 6, so there's still time to enter!   Just leave a comment on the giveaway post below - that's it!

December is here and it was snowing today!
Thanks for visiting!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Craft-Show Leftovers" Giveaway Time!

As promised, I'm holding my first giveaway and it's chock full of leftovers from past craft shows.   Not everything is pictured but what is pictured is an altered bottle, chalkboard tags, garden magnets, mini garden sign, yellow-rose gift tags, wildflower seed sprinkles, altered bookcover, some christmas stamps and a spool photo/card holder.   I'll also include a garden-girl necklace and I'm going to fill the box (small flat-rate postal box) with all kinds of other goodies too until it's bustin' at the seams!

All you need to do is leave a comment; that's it!   I'll draw the winner on Dec. 6; that gives you a full week to enter.  

And a bonus!   I have a small runner-up prize for the 2nd winner drawn!  Yippee!  

Two chances to win and again:  all you need to do is leave a comment and check back on Dec. 6 to see who won!   I'll then contact you separately to make arrangements.

Good Luck!  Hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Craft-Show Item

Well, I had mentioned that my DH had a craft item in the works and here it is:  lighted bottles.   An idea that seems so simple, yet looks so nice.  Actually we've learned a lot along the way about drilling thru glass and have even had a few nice bottles fall victim to the dreaded cracks and breakage but I suppose that comes with the territory.
The one on the right is actually wrapped with lace on the outside; I really like the soft look it gives.   These lights are perfect for a dark corner on the countertop or maybe in a den or family room.   We've even added a few OSU decals to some.  (Well, this IS Buckeye Country!   O-H   I-O!   (I scream O  H  and you yell back  I   O. Get it?)

I have found some really nice glass decanters with great designs on them that I think will look great with the lights in them; hope we don't break them in the process!
We will be a vendor at Phoenix Fair on Sat., Dec. 4; see sidebar.   (No, not the city; I wish!)   Come out and see us!    This will be our last show until March, when several spring shows start;  (Wow!  That doesn't sound far away at all, does it?!)

I really hope everyone has a Happy Thanks-Giving and be sure to tell your loved ones how much you love them!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vintage Jewelry Finds!

Check out this tin of old vintage jewelry I picked up at a local junk store.   Some pieces are missing stones or are just one-half of a pair of earrings but they'll be great for crafting and reusing.  They were selling each piece for 25 cents but I got the whole tin for $4.00.

My friend, VintageSue, is always finding the neatest vintage jewelry and uses them in her unique, altered creations; her stuff is so cool!   You really need to check her blog out; lots of fun thrifting stories and vintage finds; she truly loves everything vintage and incorporates it all into her life and home.

I had a reader ask if I was a vendor at the Bainbridge Festival a few weekends ago and no, unfortunately I wasn't, but I was there on Saturday as a shopper and visitor!   I love that area of Ohio and that festival is one of the biggest and funnest around.   I love all the yard-sales in and around the festival; so many great finds.   I did buy a few pieces of hypertufa that are pretty cool; a leaf-cast and a sunflower birdbath; I'll post those pics soon.

My DH and I are still working on our latest creations and I will be posting them sometime this week.   I'm also working on getting my giveaway stuff together, so stay tuned and thanks for visiting!

Hope you have a bloomin' weekend!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Making Vintage Shredding

Lori over at Katies Rose Cottage is a constant inspiration to me; I swear I could just stare at her things all day long! Really!  I just love them!

She recently showed some vintage shredding and I immediately thought what a perfect project for all those old Reader Digest books I've been tearing the covers off to alter!  Now I can use the innards too! 

I tore out the pages and folded them while my daughter shoved them into the shredder.   Then we bagged and labeled them.
We made 10 bags and it was a little time-consuming and very dusty!   But I really like the end result.   This will look great with those 50 little muslin bags I just ordered from amazon.com!   (What on earth am I going to do with '50' bags?! Who knows; it was a good deal and I just felt like ordering them; ever do that??  Sure you do!)

Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wooden Spools Project Revealed!

Well, I know it's been driving you crazy what I did with those wooden spools from last post! ha!   I turned them into small picture/card holders!   Everyone thought they were so cute and I sold all of them except 3.   (I think I had 14 of them.)
The wire is 16 gauge that I twisted around a marker, then stuck both ends thru a button and twisted the wire together.   Then inserted the twisted wires into the hole and hot-glued the button down.   Easy and cute!

I'm liking this picture/card holder idea and might start using other items too!

Here's another picture of my mini-stands, that sold well for me, once again, today.

Well I thought I was done with craft shows for this season but now my husband has a project up his sleeves (from looking around at all the other vendors while I was manning the booth) and we might be doing one more first Sat. in December with some new items; I'll let you know.

Also, more big news! I'm going to have my first give-away soon!   No real reason, like hitting a certain # of posts or followers; but just because I want to.   I'm going to call it my "craft-show leftovers give-away"!   Will includes LOTS of fun items, so keep watching!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the sales and bought, not just from me but the other vendors too - we really appreciate it!!

Have a bloomin' weekend!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Craft Show Update

The craft show last Sat. was a success!   Sold lots of things and have been busy this week making replacements for another show this Sat. (see sidebar for the details).
I sold all these mini-stands but two and sold the pink plantstand and the one with the flowers on top.
Of course while we were there, we also had to shop, right??   The senior center was having a sale-fundraiser of craft supplies and I bought a shoebox of misc. items for only 50 cents!   It contained quite a few wooden spools.  I've already painted the ends black but I wonder what I'm going to do with them??  You'll have to stay tuned to find out.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quick & Easy "Aging" Technique

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to share with you a really quick and easy way to "age" any prints, photo's, etc. to give it a more vintage and distressed look.   All you need is a brown ink pad  and cotton balls; that's it!

Dab the cotton ball in the ink a few times and rub it along the edges of your paper or picture.   You can apply it as heavy or light as you want; you might want to practice on a few 'throw-away' pieces first.    And I always use a paper plate underneath for easy clean-up.

Here's a comparison of aged vs. not-aged yet.
You can really see the difference.   The aged, worn look gives so much more dimension to your craft project.    Give it a try; it's so simple.

Have a bloomin' day!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Craft Show Sneak-Peek!

Boy, is it ever stressful getting ready for a craft show!  The final, last details are endless; seems there is always something to do or finish.  But it is fun and rewarding, even if I don't sell much; honestly, I just love looking at it all!
I have lots of altered bottles, which I'm still not done with yet; need to add some jewels, want to tie-on some old keys with pretty ribbons, etc.   (You need check out the beautiful altered bottles Lori does at Katies Rose Cottage; she is a total inspiration to me and offers so many more products, all so beautiful.  Please visit her when you can.)

I set-up a trial run in my family room and good thing I did!   Found out my tablecloth isn't going to be long enough; the tables are 8 feet long and my cloths are only for a 6 foot table - duh!   Darn, looks like I'll need to run to the thrift store or Hobby Lobby tomorrow for more fabric; darn! (hehe)
I love making these mini-stands; so easy and they turn out so pretty. 
Well, wish me luck; maybe I'll see you?  I'll take pictures after I'm set-up and will be sure to share it all with you when it's over.

Thanks for visiting and have a bloomin' week!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fun Mini-Signs

These little mini-signs certainly aren't a big money-maker by any means but they are a lot of fun to make.   

When doing craft shows and the only space you get is a 6-foot table, it's important to cram as much stuff on it that you can and that includes a lot of little things.

Speaking of craft shows, see my sidebar on the right for the craft shows I'll be selling at next month.   If anyone needs directions or has any questions, please email me.

The weather here has been just gorgeous lately:  lots of sun and cooler temps (high 60's); I love this weather!

Here's to a bloomin' evening!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Little Fall Clean-Up

Today was such a beautiful day and not too hot; perfect for doing a little clean-up in some flower beds.   This particular bed needed some soil amendment so I worked-in a little manure and peat moss first.   Then I moved a few sedum plants to the back and planted a beautiful new lavender plant I bought last weekend as well as some coneflowers and coral bells I had in pots on the front porch.

I hung a 'cottage garden' sign I made earlier in the year next to my 'garden' plate sign I put up last year; it's holding up pretty good and looks so cute hanging there.

Here are a couple other plate signs I made last year but looks like my picket fence could use a little maintenance!

I hope you had an enjoyable, bloomin' Saturday!
Take Care!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chalkboard Tags

I finally got some actual chalkboard tags made.  Some of you may remember I tried to make them before (see previous garden sign post) but I found some different sample boards (at HD! sh!) that had a nicer surface on them and no sticker on the back.

I added red ribbons to them, packaged them in sets of 6 and added a piece of chalk, all packaged neatly in a tied cellophane bag.

They all fit nicely in this red basket.   Feels good to get a project done and crossed off my list!

Thanks for visiting!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Flea Market Plantstand Finds

My hubby and I spent a few hours at the Caesar Creek Flea Market today (near Wilmington, Ohio) and of course I always manage to bring a few things home with me.   (Where I'll put them is another story!)

I'm always drawn to garden items and found these wonderful plantstands; the three-level one will look great on my porch.   My friend, Ruth, has one just like it on her porch and she always has it full of blooms and decorated for the season and holiday.
I also found some cool garden books; one has absolutely beautiful illustrations in it I'll have to photo-copy and use in my altered art/wood projects.
Look Sue!  I found some old BH&G magazines from 1966 for $1/each!   I just love the old advertising graphics in them.   (and that spool of 18 guage wire was only $2 and it's 110 feet long!)
I also love the pink metal flowered tray; even though it shows some age, it is still just so darling and for only 50 cents, who could resist?

I hope you had a wonderful bloomin' weekend!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Garden Girl Necklaces

Here are some really cute necklaces I created.   I wanted an item I could sell at the craft shows next month that wouldn't take-up a lot of table space and would make great gift items for all your garden friends.   Thus the start of my Garden Girl necklace line.
I printed out the words on colored paper, cut to fit the necklace pendant and glued, topped it with some clear glaze and added a flower charm.  Each chain is 24 inches long, so you can easily slip it over your head and it's not choking you.  (I can't stand 18 inch chains; within 2 hours, I'm taking it off.)

Glass addiction update:   I've really thinned out my stash and feel much better.   (But I also found a great new hiding place!   The bottom of my linen closet was stuffed with old towels, blankets, etc, so I got rid of those and was able to stack lots of plates! ha!  Ssshhh!!! don't tell anyone!)

If anyone is interested in a necklace, I'll be selling them for $8.00.   Just shoot me an email and we can work-out the details.

Thanks and have a bloomin' evening!


Monday, September 27, 2010

Glass Overload

My name is Debbie and I'm addicted to glass.   My family is threatening to kick me to the curb if I don't 'curb' my glass & thrift store addiction; sssooooooo, I've been bringing home boxes from work and have promised to fill at least two boxes per week and get rid of it until the house actually looks like a house again.
This is a corner of the family room; looks more like an Anchor Hocking clearance bin.
We don't have a big house by any means and no basement; so I've tucked away pieces under end tables, in closets, under beds, was even storing a few boxes in a shower we don't use often!  (And kept the shower curtain closed of course! ha)

 Yes, I'll be the first to admit, it's gotten a little out of control.  I've got lots of pieces I bought just because the price was excellent and I THOUGHT they'd work good in totems or plantstands but they don't, so time to get rid of them.
I have made good progress already.  You'll be proud to hear yesterday I actually TOOK three boxes of glass and two bags of other stuff TO the Thrift Store; some still had the TS prices on them!   It did feel a little weird to walk out of the store without even walking around to see what they had but I did it (maybe also because Rick was waiting for me with the car running at the curb).

Wish me Luck!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Solid Lotion Bar Fun

Several ladies and I got together one night and made solid lotion bars that are all the rave these days.   It's easier than you think, lots of fun and instant reward!

The ingredients are:  one part beeswax, one part advocado oil or grapeseed oil and one part shea butter or cocoa butter.   Our hosts, Mary Jane and Joyce, already had this base put together for us.   All we needed to do was melt it down in the microwave (only takes about 30 seconds so keep an eye on it!), add our favorite essential oil scent (Mary Jane had lots to choose from!) and pour into molds.
Here's all our ingredients and supplies; the mixture in the mason jars is the base the girls already had together for us.

Here we have melted, added the fragrance and poured into the molds.   They started setting up right away but you can also put in the fridge to speed it up.

Here's the finished product; Joyce had these cute little heart molds; we also used mini muffin tins.

Ta-Da!  All wrapped up pretty like a gift!
We had a lot of fun and went home with a great product.   I keep one by my kitchen sink and use after every hand wash.   Solid Lotion Bar - it's a good thing!

Have a bloomin' day!