Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun Little Magnets

These garden magnets have been fun to make probably because they don't take very long and they are just so darn cute.

I just cut out pictures from magazines and printed some words on colored paper, glued them to the back of the glass piece (not sure what they are called but can easily be found at your craft stores) and added the magnet.

Here are some still in process; need glued and magnets added.

The vintage metal tray was found at a thrift store for only 30 cents!!   It has a few bumps and bruises on it but I love the colors and flowers on it.   The wood easel was found later at another thrift store for only 90 cents and hubby painted it yellow and it looks great with the tray; a nice display piece for the magnets for the upcoming craft shows in November. 

Well, it looks to be a great day to be outside, so that's where I'll be.  
Make it a bloomin' day!



Kathy said...

These are cute, and so easy! I may just make some using musical notes for some musicians in my family as Christmas gifts...

Linda said...

These are really charming! Thanks for stopping by my blog~ I'm a new follower!