Thursday, September 23, 2010

Solid Lotion Bar Fun

Several ladies and I got together one night and made solid lotion bars that are all the rave these days.   It's easier than you think, lots of fun and instant reward!

The ingredients are:  one part beeswax, one part advocado oil or grapeseed oil and one part shea butter or cocoa butter.   Our hosts, Mary Jane and Joyce, already had this base put together for us.   All we needed to do was melt it down in the microwave (only takes about 30 seconds so keep an eye on it!), add our favorite essential oil scent (Mary Jane had lots to choose from!) and pour into molds.
Here's all our ingredients and supplies; the mixture in the mason jars is the base the girls already had together for us.

Here we have melted, added the fragrance and poured into the molds.   They started setting up right away but you can also put in the fridge to speed it up.

Here's the finished product; Joyce had these cute little heart molds; we also used mini muffin tins.

Ta-Da!  All wrapped up pretty like a gift!
We had a lot of fun and went home with a great product.   I keep one by my kitchen sink and use after every hand wash.   Solid Lotion Bar - it's a good thing!

Have a bloomin' day!


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vintagesue said...

i love that idea!!!! wow. it looks hard to make those, but you said it's easy. i would mess it up.
thanks for this post. it's awesome!!!!
love your magnets from the before post too. sooooo cute.
take care