Sunday, October 10, 2010

Flea Market Plantstand Finds

My hubby and I spent a few hours at the Caesar Creek Flea Market today (near Wilmington, Ohio) and of course I always manage to bring a few things home with me.   (Where I'll put them is another story!)

I'm always drawn to garden items and found these wonderful plantstands; the three-level one will look great on my porch.   My friend, Ruth, has one just like it on her porch and she always has it full of blooms and decorated for the season and holiday.
I also found some cool garden books; one has absolutely beautiful illustrations in it I'll have to photo-copy and use in my altered art/wood projects.
Look Sue!  I found some old BH&G magazines from 1966 for $1/each!   I just love the old advertising graphics in them.   (and that spool of 18 guage wire was only $2 and it's 110 feet long!)
I also love the pink metal flowered tray; even though it shows some age, it is still just so darling and for only 50 cents, who could resist?

I hope you had a wonderful bloomin' weekend!


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Amy said...

And I thought I was the only one that loved old magazines and stuff like this..didn't know we had so much in common..keep me up to date...Amy