Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Garden Girl Necklaces

Here are some really cute necklaces I created.   I wanted an item I could sell at the craft shows next month that wouldn't take-up a lot of table space and would make great gift items for all your garden friends.   Thus the start of my Garden Girl necklace line.
I printed out the words on colored paper, cut to fit the necklace pendant and glued, topped it with some clear glaze and added a flower charm.  Each chain is 24 inches long, so you can easily slip it over your head and it's not choking you.  (I can't stand 18 inch chains; within 2 hours, I'm taking it off.)

Glass addiction update:   I've really thinned out my stash and feel much better.   (But I also found a great new hiding place!   The bottom of my linen closet was stuffed with old towels, blankets, etc, so I got rid of those and was able to stack lots of plates! ha!  Ssshhh!!! don't tell anyone!)

If anyone is interested in a necklace, I'll be selling them for $8.00.   Just shoot me an email and we can work-out the details.

Thanks and have a bloomin' evening!



Debbie Demmers-Lujan said...

Debbie, I love your necklaces and yes, I would like one. If you go to my friend, Peggy's you will see what I mean about a garden girl! I would like to get one for her. I also love your honesty and obsession about the glass! I have a few favorites as far as glass pieces but I do know what that is all about as far as "stashing" things!!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and yes, I will be posting more pictures! Look forward to seeing pictures of your creations, too!!! debbie

Amy said...

I would like one of these..either when you come here or if I can catch you at a show :)