Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Making Vintage Shredding

Lori over at Katies Rose Cottage is a constant inspiration to me; I swear I could just stare at her things all day long! Really!  I just love them!

She recently showed some vintage shredding and I immediately thought what a perfect project for all those old Reader Digest books I've been tearing the covers off to alter!  Now I can use the innards too! 

I tore out the pages and folded them while my daughter shoved them into the shredder.   Then we bagged and labeled them.
We made 10 bags and it was a little time-consuming and very dusty!   But I really like the end result.   This will look great with those 50 little muslin bags I just ordered from amazon.com!   (What on earth am I going to do with '50' bags?! Who knows; it was a good deal and I just felt like ordering them; ever do that??  Sure you do!)

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Linda said...

I love this project~ I've been wanting to do this, too! Looks great!

vintagesue said...

do i ever do that??? order stuff cuz it's a good deal???? ALL THE TIME. you are so funny.
i love your paper project!!! i would totally buy those bags!!! good luck shredding and don't inhale. haha