Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Craft-Show Item

Well, I had mentioned that my DH had a craft item in the works and here it is:  lighted bottles.   An idea that seems so simple, yet looks so nice.  Actually we've learned a lot along the way about drilling thru glass and have even had a few nice bottles fall victim to the dreaded cracks and breakage but I suppose that comes with the territory.
The one on the right is actually wrapped with lace on the outside; I really like the soft look it gives.   These lights are perfect for a dark corner on the countertop or maybe in a den or family room.   We've even added a few OSU decals to some.  (Well, this IS Buckeye Country!   O-H   I-O!   (I scream O  H  and you yell back  I   O. Get it?)

I have found some really nice glass decanters with great designs on them that I think will look great with the lights in them; hope we don't break them in the process!
We will be a vendor at Phoenix Fair on Sat., Dec. 4; see sidebar.   (No, not the city; I wish!)   Come out and see us!    This will be our last show until March, when several spring shows start;  (Wow!  That doesn't sound far away at all, does it?!)

I really hope everyone has a Happy Thanks-Giving and be sure to tell your loved ones how much you love them!



concretenprimroses said...

Debbie those are very pretty, and the decanters will be quite elegant I think. I want to drill a hole in a vase to make it into a lamp. Would you mind sharing how you drill holes in rounded glass?

Granny J said...

Those lighted bottles are beautiful. I have a large cobalt blue bottle that I'd love to drill a hole in but I have no idea how to go about it. I hope that when you have the time you'll share the "how to" of drilling bottles.

Those decanters will be lovely with the lights and the pretty desing. Bet your bottles will be a good seller.