Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wooden Spools Project Revealed!

Well, I know it's been driving you crazy what I did with those wooden spools from last post! ha!   I turned them into small picture/card holders!   Everyone thought they were so cute and I sold all of them except 3.   (I think I had 14 of them.)
The wire is 16 gauge that I twisted around a marker, then stuck both ends thru a button and twisted the wire together.   Then inserted the twisted wires into the hole and hot-glued the button down.   Easy and cute!

I'm liking this picture/card holder idea and might start using other items too!

Here's another picture of my mini-stands, that sold well for me, once again, today.

Well I thought I was done with craft shows for this season but now my husband has a project up his sleeves (from looking around at all the other vendors while I was manning the booth) and we might be doing one more first Sat. in December with some new items; I'll let you know.

Also, more big news! I'm going to have my first give-away soon!   No real reason, like hitting a certain # of posts or followers; but just because I want to.   I'm going to call it my "craft-show leftovers give-away"!   Will includes LOTS of fun items, so keep watching!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the sales and bought, not just from me but the other vendors too - we really appreciate it!!

Have a bloomin' weekend!


Kathy said...

Love the spool photo holders! What a great way to use old music. Keep those ideas coming... I am paying attention!

Dana said...

New to your blog via vintagesue--love your signs that you posted a while back. I was in Bainbridge a month ago-I wonder if you participated in their craft show. Anyway congrats on your craft show success!

vintagesue said...

very very sweet lil card holders!!!! what a cute idea. would have never thought of that!! i would have bought them too!! price is right!!! good luck with another show and that giveaway. i'll be looking out for that!
take care

Crafty Gardener said...

What cute photo holders. I've got a collection of wooden spools and I'm sure some could be made into these. Thanks for sharing.

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