Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flea Market Flop

Well, last weekend was a bit of a flop at the flea market.  Lots of people going thru on Saturday but not many actual 'buyers' at all!   And Sunday a small snowstorm came through that practically halted everything.  We were packed up and out of there by 2:30.

It's hard to figure out sometimes why certain things sell, why others don't, different venues, etc.   I even marked items WAY down, to 50 cents and $1.00, not to make any money, obviously but just to unload it.  What is your experience with flea markets?   I'd love to hear of any successes or flops you've had and any opinions and/or advice you could offer.

One thing that was pretty funny.  Remember that vintage shredding I made?   My husband just couldn't understand who would want that and why and I ended up selling 6 bags!  HA!  In Your Face!   (5 to just one lady at the last craft show and 1 at the flea market, $1/bag.)

Here are some altered bottles I made.   The one with lights in it sold at the flea market, only $6.00!   Heck, the string of lights alone cost me $2.00!   That person made out!

Is everyone ready for Christmas??  I am WAY behind on being ready!   I'm going to be a major shopaholic this weekend! 


Junk-it Junction... said...

The little bottles are cute, though Id pay more..
I dont know why , it is very unpredictable in the retail world. I think thats why I enjoy my sales in my studio(at home), if I dont sell much, I enjoy seeing everyone, and having a chat, there's always next time!
I find that people like to shop in the real shopping centres around xmas, especially after, for the sales!
Next year will be a better year for you!
Merry Christmas to you!

vintagesue said...

oh for the love of flea markets!! who knows why some are good and others not. i think you just need the RIGHT crowd. it takes the right person to get it. if you have lots of the right people that get it, then you have lots of sales.
i totally love your vintage shred. i would have bought 5 bags for sure!!!! would look super cute to put in bowls and cups in my booth!!! i love the idea of shred!!
hang in there. your creations are darling!!!! it will catch on soon!!! don't give up!!!!
my booth has been really slow this month. really slow! i am right there with you, but i refuse to give up. i just keep fluffing it and filling it and eventually the right person will come along.
take care

Granny J said...

I've never been able to figure out the flea market crowds. I love your altered bottles, especially the one with the lights. You're right, that lady got a real bargain for $6.