Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gag-Gift Backfire

Hi there!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I certainly did!   First, I'd like to give a big shout-out to my sister and brother-in-law in Laura, Ohio!  Hi guys!   They just started reading my blog and it was a small source of entertainment at our Christmas gathering!

They said they had a special gift for me this year; something only I could appreciate.  I began to get excited and wondered if it was something they found on the side of the road or maybe some rusty junk from the barn!  The possibilities were endless!

Brian proceeded to tell the tale of how they acquired such lovely items; they were at some type of holiday gathering for a club that was giving doorprizes; He spotted the items and silently hoped he didn't get stuck with them.  And sure enough, they called his name! ha!!

The bag was rather heavy and I was anxious to see what they were.
They actually aren't that bad; painted river rocks!   (I remember someone even suggesting we throw them back in the river!  No way!)

They just need to be displayed in a nice way and they'll be fine.    I found a small wooden tray, added filler and propped Joseph and Mary up a bit in the corners.   I think it looks nice!

Maybe some re-gifting next year is in order! ha!  Just kidding!   I'm going to look for more river rocks to paint to complete the set!   We need three kings, donkeys, ....!!!


Micki said...

I think your river rocks will become one of your family's most favored treasures. It is the little things that always seem to become most important. I!

vintagesue said...

how funny!!!! that is just way too funny. i love those rocks. can't wait to see the completed set! you must update us!!!
hope you had a great christmas.
take care

vintagesue said...

hi debbie....i have an award for you at my blog if you are interested!! no pressure....but i love your blog....
take care