Monday, January 17, 2011

Fab Flea Find!

What else is there to do on a winter weekend but go to a flea market!   Hubby and I went to the Route 23 Southbound Flea Market, south of Piketon, Ohio yesterday.   This market is more my style - lots of junky finds and cheap!!

Check this out!

Can't you just picture it full of glassware and crafting supplies??!!    Or could even be a display piece when I have sales??    It's about 5 feet tall and it was only $10!    It actually wasn't even for sale; I spotted it towards the back of a booth full of books and asked about it.   The dealer said 'sure, he'd sell it'.  He used it for, what else, books but didn't really have room for it now.   I was thrilled and even more thrilled that it fit in the van!

I also came home with a few pieces of glassware, some old books, an old tablecloth and pillow cover and a few other pieces of bric-a-brac.   Gotta love those 25-cent tables full of junk!   

Oh I also found two small flower frogs, the old metal sharp kind and got both of them for $2.00!   The dealer did not know what they were and I had to explain it to him twice.   I still don't think he got it but oh well.

Love a great day at the flea!   I'll take pictures next time so you can tag along!

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vintagesue said...

sounds like fun to me!!!!!! i love it when i find something and the person selling it has no clue what it is, or does and has no care in the world or attachment to it!!!!
sounds like you hit the motherload!
take care