Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Few Finds at the Thrift Store

Every weekend, it seems I have to walk thru at least one thrift store; unless, of course, we've spent the day at the flea market, then I'll pass it up and try to make it to at least one during the week! ha!  (Speaking of which, I'm going to one Tuesday on my lunch hour because every last Tuesday of the month, EVERYTHING is 50% OFF! I can't wait!)

Here's just a few finds from today.   Very cheap!   The blue bottle (which I think I'll make into a hummingbird feeder) was only $1.91!   The white vase 90 cents; the pink vase 90 cents; candlesticks 50 cents each.

I just adore these cute little flower pots!   Now they were a little pricier than I usually spend; they were 90 cents each but they are Party-Lite brand and I just love them!
And how about these nesting boxes!!  The colors are just beautiful and got all four of them for $1.80!   Even papered on the inside!  

I need to be careful because my family room is becoming over-run with glassware and craft supplies again!!   Maybe it's time to start thinking about renting a storage space or something!   (You ever watch that show Storage Wars?   We like that show but we all hate Dave! ha!)

Have a great week!   It's darn cold here!!   Stay warm!

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Granny said...

You found some great glassware. I love the stacking boxes. They're so nice for storing items.

I love Storage Wars but hate Dave too. He's so obnoxious flashing his wad of money around and running up the bid on other people.