Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vintage Valentines 4-Sale!

Several months ago, I scored this super-old scrapbook at a flea-market.   It's from 1916 belonging to the one&only Betty Johnson and is chock full of old valentines and flower pics.   I love it!

Isn't this little Valentine postcard simply adorable?   I love the illustration and note the cute little saying!   (You can click on any picture to enlarge.)
(also notice the year on the bottom: 1907!)
Here's a few others:

Most of them are 'cemented' pretty good to the paper but I did manage to pull a few off and am willing to part with them.   I offer you the following package deal:

- The Vintage Valentines are SOLD -

Two of them are actual postcards.   They are all in pretty good shape for as old as they are.

(the back of this one includes some of the scrapbook paper; I'll throw that in for free!ha)
(checkout the postmark date: actual Valentine's Day in 1909)

(The back of this one started to tear but it didn't tear thru.)

Also included are a couple cute smalls:

The price for the bundle is $6.00 and shipping will be $1.50.   If you are interested at all, either email me (my email address is on the right-side bar) or leave a comment and I'll be in touch.
- The Vintage Valentines are SOLD -

These would be super-cute for those of you who make Valentine crafts, etc.

Thanks for looking!


Elsie said...

I am very interested in your valentines. Please e-mail me
and let me know how I can pay
for them. I found you on Tina's
"Cherryhill Cottage".


mjowest said...

What a find! I hope you did the Happy Dance, the long version!!