Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Flea-Market Finds

Can't seem to get enough of the flea markets lately.  Partly because of the weather; it's too yucky to be outside doing anything yet in the yard, although today was pretty nice!

All these items were 35% off;  this vendor was moving out.   I love the black painted tray!   The colors are gorgeous and it was 35% off of $5.00 original.   (Sorry, no calculator handy! ha)

Check out this large linen kitchen towel.  It appears to be rather old and was only $2.00 less 35%!

It has the cutest little sayings on it too.   Check out what it says about lavender:  for devotion; to soothe tremblings and passions of the heart.

And rosemary is pretty funny too:  "grows well in the house where the mistress is master".

I also found a couple of old farming newspapers, from 1916 and 1925.   I just love all the old gardening ads in them.   Great for crafts.

This one says to send 10 cents in; I've always wanted to try that and see what would happen; think I would get anything??   That reminds me of Hee-Haw.  How many of us dialed BR-549?   I did at my grandma's house once; it started ringing and I quick hung-up before I got in trouble!

Here's a few shots of the flea-market.   This is inside Ceasars Creek near Wilmington, Ohio.   If I went there every weekend, I'd always manage to find something to drag home.  

I usually find a few things in this lady's booth but she doesn't restock enough and I'm getting tired of looking at the same things.

Looks like a lot of tools in this booth but it also has old craft items, holiday items, etc.
This lady actually put together a cute country craft store; a little pricey but some nice stuff.

I'm really anxious for the outside vendors; hopefully it won't be long!  

(For those of you still looking for the Flea-Market Gardens magazine, I saw a big stack tonight at Krogers.)


Granny said...

Love that kitchen towel. I'm always looking for them. I can't wait for the weather to clear up and the outdoor flea markets to start up.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

What great finds. I just love old magazines so the Ohio Farmer is a special one.
The tray is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hey Debbie~ What finds you came across wow! I just love the towels with all thoses herbs all over them lucky girl!!! and the newspapers are always interesting I have a few around here I must dig them out. Thanks for visiting my blog.