Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's 'Garden Thyme'!

OK, well it's almost garden time!   Here's the cute little sign I made the other night with my brand-new bottle of Mod-Podge.   And yes, it felt so good!   Not only using a new bottle of glue but it felt good to actually craft again and get something done even if it was only a small thing.
The background is several different pieces of old wallpaper and some wrapping paper.   I printed the words out on brown paper and cut to fit.  Then mod-podged it all together.

It's still a little early to start spending 'thyme' in the garden but it won't be long!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Feels So Good

Don't you just love the feeling of opening a brand new bottle of Mod-Podge?!   So nice and clean!  Filled all the way to the top!  Not all gunky and messy around the edges!  It feels so good!  

My old bottle wasn't completely empty but I was tired of getting glue on my knuckles just to reach the bottom.   Don't worry; I'll pour the rest of that glue into my new bottle once the volume goes down a bit but I just love the feeling of opening a brand new one, don't you?  

And I'm going to do my best to keep it clean!   Not let glue run around the edges and get all gunky and clean it up when I'm done.  (Well, I can try at least! ha!   Let's see how long it lasts!)

It inspired me to work on a little sign tonight; we haven't moved into the new house yet; still have another week before possession, so we feel like we are in limbo now and I haven't really been in the crafting way for awhile but thought I'd work on a small project tonight.   I'll show it to you when it's done.

Have a good weekend!   We are expecting 1-2 inches of snow!!   Yuck!  

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Studio Update (ha)

Yes, I haven't blogged for awhile but with good reason.  I've been keeping a little secret and was afraid I'd let the cat out of the bag before it's time but now the time is here!  We are moving!   Yeah!!  To a bigger, nicer home!!   In fact, it's only a mile down the street but that's ok; we love the area and are happy to stay; just needed a bigger home with room to stretch.   The closing is Friday!!

This house has a full basement!!   I'm going to have my own studio down there!   Can't wait!!  (Sounds so fancy to say 'studio', doesn't it??  or maybe I'll call it my "workshop";  it will just be my crafting area but what the heck; I'm super excited!!)

Started packing up my crafting supplies and other junk; that will be first things to go over, straight to the basement and out of the way.   Look at all this and this isn't even half of it.
My family room is looking more like a storage locker.   (Speaking of: the new Storage Wars was on last night and I fell asleep after 10 minutes!  Wonder if I was snoring? ha)

I didn't sign-up for any craft shows this month or next because I knew I'd be busy and I certainly haven't had time to make anything exciting.   But hopefully it won't be much longer!   I can't wait to get all moved in and fire-up my workshop (or is it a studio?  not sure yet).  

Take care and thanks for visiting!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

It's My 7 Things!!

Finally, I'm getting around to disclosing 7 things about me you may or may not find interesting or didn't know.   I was tagged 'twice' a couple months ago by some bloggin' buddies:  Vintage Sue and another Sue from Junk-It Junction so here goes:

1.  Apparently I snore; a pretty loudly I'm told! ha!   My hubby even recorded me one night and it is hilarious to listen to!   And there are times I swear I'm only half-asleep, still listening to TV and he goes " hey, can you roll over?  You are getting pretty loud."  And I say What??!  No way I was snoring; I was listening to TV!  ha!

2.  Speaking of my husband, we met at a dance-club/bar back in 1986.   I think we went back to that bar maybe one time.   And I can count the numbers of times we've danced together since on two hands.  

3.  In high school, I played the trumpet.   I was actually pretty good; took private lessons and played recitals and solos often.  I continued to play the trumpet in college but only in the marching band; it was a lot of fun!

4.  Even though I'm ONLY 46 (emphasis on 'only'), if I didn't color my hair, I swear I'd be completely gray!   When it starts to grow in, I start to look like a skunk! ha!

5.  One of my favorite snacks is raw chocolate-chip cookie dough!   And my daughter loves it too.   We'll sit on the couch and pass it back/forth with the spoon stuck in it.

6.  My guilty pleasure on TV right now is....... Tosh.O.   This show is so wrong but very funny!   (for those of you not familiar with the show, that is probably a good thing!!  It is on the comedy channel and it's a Talk-Soup version of internet videos being made fun of and other small skits.   Wrong, I tell you; just plain wrong!! ha)

7.  I have never flown.    Wait, does a helicopter count??   I did take a small 10-minute helicopter ride a few years ago in Gatlinburg just so I could say I've flown! ha   It's not that I don't want to, we just never did growing up and when we vacation, we just prefer to drive so we have our own car while there and to save on airfare. 

Well, that's all I care to disclose tonight.  I'm sure you'll be able to sleep better tonight knowing all this.

I've been sorting thru my many craft supplies lately (the family room is even worse!!), lots of boxes sitting around.   I'm really hopeful I'll get a few projects completed soon that I can show you.   Have a great evening and thanks for visiting!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Happening Again!!

Yikes!   Take a look at my family room!  The end tables are completely covered again with more 'stuff'!   (And you can't see but 'stuff' is also under the tables!)  And I was doing so good!   It's all Mary's fault!   She got me hooked on garden whimsies; now I have to buy every friggin' cute teapot I see!   (Love you Mary!!)

And don't get me started on the 'plates'!   Good Lord; it is a sickness, I swear!
What I need to do is start making things with the 'stuff' instead of going out and buying more 'stuff'!   But then I have this argument in my head that the 'stuff' doesn't take up as much space if you can stack it and you can't stack it if you've made something with it; argh!! 

And then there's the second argument that 'well, I had an idea for this but maybe I'd better hold-off in case a better idea comes along."  Ever have that one?   Or there's even the third argument of "well, I don't quite have the perfect piece to go with this piece, so I'd better hold off until I shop some more and maybe find that perfect piece to go with this piece."   Please!!  You can't find something in all that 'stuff' that would work??!!

Does the cycle ever end??

But here's a really cute white wicker small hamper found at Goodwill that will look cute with flowers in it this summer:    The flower sign was a 'find' at the flea market.

 OK, I feel better now.