Saturday, February 18, 2012

2nd Flea Market Gardens Mag!

Boy was I excited when I heard there was a 2nd Flea Market Gardens magazine out this year!   (Good thing my initial excitement won-out over the ho-hum cover picture.)

It is chalk-full of colorful pictures and some not-so-original ideas.   I was a little disappointed to see a lot of the same ole' ideas but then again, I suppose if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Edging ideas that we've all seen before but still look great. 

I was really drawn to these pictures and cute little article;  I love the combination of garden-junk and more-of-a country look; a cottage charmer for sure!

and I'm in love with all this chippy white stuff!!

Super-cute old chicken coop!   I've always wanted to move an old dilapidated little building to my property and make it all cute!   (did you hear that brother-in-law?  Keep the flat-bed handy!!)

Did anyone else notice the broken tree limb in the background?   I would have hoped editing would have caught that!

Also came across this not-so-original idea:   a planted chair.

The same night, I also bought the new Birds & Blooms magazine.   Imagine my surprise when I noticed a familiar site!

The exact same planted chair!!   Makes you wonder where they get their material!  
That was definitely a disappointment! 

But then all was well in the world again when I came across the potting potential article.   Again, not very original ideas but fun to look at just the same!

So overall I was a little disappointed that there weren't more new and unique ideas but I suppose it's hard to keep up with us creative people!  ha!  


Mary-Jo said...

ooh I have some other mags you may want to check out- I 110% agree- the originality is lacking...
will dig them out and let you know!

Mary-Jo said...

ok here are the names of the GOOD ones!:
Flea Market DECOR

Flea market STYLE

Do It Yourself (doesn't give many instructions- gotta look and figure it out yourself)

and GreenCraft- very expensive, but a fun splurge IF you've been good... :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, can anyone tell me where I can get this issue? I have tried a couple places, just sorry I didn't purchaes it when I saw it! please anyone let me know. thank you

Anonymous said...

The about page on the FMG FB page says "To purchase single copies of Flea Market Gardens, contact Ian Miller 212-462-9624."