Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nowhere To Go But Up!

Trying to design your craft booth at a show and have lots of product to offer has its challenges, especially when the space is limited and tiny.   Where else are you going to go with your display but UP!

I've had this cute little nightstand for a couple of years now, always intending on putting it on the porch with cute flowers spilling out of the drawers but my daughter snagged it for her room for awhile and then it went to the basement when she tired of it.

I attached a really long wooden shutter to the back of it with some 1x4's (because the back of the nightstand is really thin and probably wouldn't hold a screw) and the last thing I need is for it to tumble down on someone!

I added some cup hooks to it and it's perfect for displaying my garden memo boards!

These will all be for sale this weekend at the first craft show of the season near London, Ohio!    See my sidebar for details and there is a website for the Choctaw Lake Lodge where the show is being held.

Here's a sneak peek of other items I've got piled up and ready to go in the van!

Hope to see you there!   The weather's been terrific, so no excuses!  :)


concretenprimroses said...

wonderful! Love those garden memo boards,what a great way t use up fence pieces. The glass birdbaths are gorgeous - you have a good eye.
Have a great sale! Would you mind revealing your bird bath and memo board prices?
I make glass totems and I'm never sure how to price them.

TinaTx said...

Kinda far from Texas so I can't make it, but I will be sending good thoughts your way!