Friday, March 16, 2012

Fab Flea Finds!

I can't even begin to tell you how tickled I was to find this vintage, shabby shopping cart at the flea market!  And the price was very reasonable!  (DH was perturbed I didn't ask for less but I had a price in mind and when the dealer gave a lesser price, I jumped on it!)

Now I can't wait to find some type of canvas bag or burlap to make a liner!

I also found this really cool, maybe vintage? metal box with tole painting.   Not sure what this is really; maybe a hamper?  There are vents on the side and possibly it had a lid at one time?  Not sure but I just loved the colors, the vintage style, etc!   I think this would look darling on a porch!

And this really cute little child's chair would also look cute on your porch with a little flower or pillow on it!
Please ignore the misc. in the background.   My basement needs a major cleaning and re-organizing!   Here's a few peeks:

Lots of stuff!

And here's my work table; you are actually getting a glimpse of it cleaned off which is rare!

Well of course, I'm sure we'll be hitting a flea market again sometime this weekend!  Always fun!   With the warmer weather, there's been more outside vendors!!  
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Craft Show Success!

BIG Thanks to Everyone who came out to the Mindful Mothers of Choctaw Lake Spring Craft Show last Saturday!!   There was a great turn-out and Shabby Garden Creations had a most-successful day!

Here's some peeks at my booth before it got started.

(PS:  The Garden Plate Sign SOLD!)

(About half the teacups SOLD!)

(All the Plantstands/Birdbaths SOLD but one!)

It was a lot of fun, meeting so many different people and talking about, what else?  Garden stuff!   Everyone is so anxious to get out in the flowerbeds.

Now to get my inventory back up for the next sale in a few weeks!   I know I already have lots of glassware and supplies but I still need pieces!  Can you believe that?!   (OK: maybe it's just an excuse to go thrift-shopping! ha!)

Thanks again to everyone who came to the sale, whether you bought something from me or not!   (But a BIG thanks if you did!!)