Friday, March 16, 2012

Fab Flea Finds!

I can't even begin to tell you how tickled I was to find this vintage, shabby shopping cart at the flea market!  And the price was very reasonable!  (DH was perturbed I didn't ask for less but I had a price in mind and when the dealer gave a lesser price, I jumped on it!)

Now I can't wait to find some type of canvas bag or burlap to make a liner!

I also found this really cool, maybe vintage? metal box with tole painting.   Not sure what this is really; maybe a hamper?  There are vents on the side and possibly it had a lid at one time?  Not sure but I just loved the colors, the vintage style, etc!   I think this would look darling on a porch!

And this really cute little child's chair would also look cute on your porch with a little flower or pillow on it!
Please ignore the misc. in the background.   My basement needs a major cleaning and re-organizing!   Here's a few peeks:

Lots of stuff!

And here's my work table; you are actually getting a glimpse of it cleaned off which is rare!

Well of course, I'm sure we'll be hitting a flea market again sometime this weekend!  Always fun!   With the warmer weather, there's been more outside vendors!!  
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Mecky said...

That is such a cool metal box, hamper, bin. I love the color. I wouldn't of passed that one up, either.
I have a shopping cart, but not as cool as the one you found. I have been meaning to make a liner for it but never have yet. Maybe if I have a liner, I would use it.LOL. I always thought it would be great to make a little pocket in one to put smalls in.
Enjoy the flea market!

TinaTx said...

Great finds!

Mary-Jo said...

WOW looks clean and organized to me! I love to play with my 'stuff' just to see what I have.
I love the porch things- if your weather is like ours, spring it here!

Missy said...

I Love the green vintage metal box. What a find. That has such character. It can go with so many looks.
Take Care