Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flea Trip & Finds!

Well, the Lucasville Swap Meet a couple weekends ago was a bit of a wash-out.   It rained off/on all day but that didn't stop the crowds!   I couldn't believe how many people there were.   Just check-out this parking area and this was just one of many parking areas.

Here's a few animal shots.   As I mentioned, this is mostly to buy and/or  swap poultry of ALL kinds and even some small animals.  

(aren't these birds purty?)

This amish man had the most unique and cool garden items.   One of his items went home with me; can you guess which one?   hint: you can just make-out part of it in this picture.

Here's a few junk tables; always fun to root thru.   That's my daughter in the zebra-striped jacket.   She was easy to spot among the crowd!

OK, I know you can't wait any longer.   Here's the item that came home with me:

Isn't it cool?   I love all the chippy paint and vintage look of it!  

Here's a bottle tree I bought.   It came with the clear coke bottles and I want to eventually swap all of them out for solid colors.   I had the green bottles on-hand.

Here's my $5.00 garden bench.    Yes, it was only $5.00 at a small flea last year; some of the wood is starting to rot but for just $5.00, I can at least enjoy it for a year or two before it gets thrown on the burn-pile.  I think it's so super-cute!

Well, I'm getting all ready for my next show on May 6.   This is an outdoor show with over 125 vendors scattered through-out the historic section of Powell, Ohio.   I'll be sharing with you over the next week a few new items I'm bringing so stay tuned!

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