Monday, April 30, 2012

Mason Jar Fun

I just love mason jars.  They are so versatile and have a way of giving any area an instant country feel.   I pick them up whenever I can, especially the old blue ones, if the price is decent.

Here's a quick project to combine an old mason jar with a piece of old, chippy trim.

I drilled two holes about an inch apart in the center of the board, at the neck of the jar.   Then inserted a long piece of wire through each hole thru the back and wrapped around the neck of the jar to hold it in place.

Drilled two more holes at the top for more wire to hang it with and you're done!

This is a project you can sit down with and easily whip-out 5-6 in no time.   Here's another one.

So super-cute!   I have another project involving yet more mason jars but this time mixed with burlap, so stay tuned!

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