Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shopping Cart Liner Found!

It didn't take too long to find a nice liner for my vintage shopping cart!   This army duffel bag was found at the Caesar Creek Flea Market and even though it's not as old as I would have liked, it works for now.   (I'll still keep my eye out for an old one; maybe even an old postal bag!)

To attach it, I just wire-tied it thru the grommets directly to the cart.   (I would have liked to use some old big horse pins but don't have any.....yet! ha)

The bag is also a bit longer than the cart but rather than cut and resew it, I just pulled in the excess and that will double as padding for all my finds!    I also attached (with a clothespin! ha) a small old bank bag from my old hometown bank to hold all those wonderful smalls.   (I know, a clothespin isn't very secure, so maybe I'll add a few staples.)

Now I'm all ready for a big weekend of flea-market shopping at the Lucasville Swap Meet/Flea Market this weekend!   Held at the Scioto County Fairgrounds three times/year, the April weekend is huge!   Also known as poultry days because you can buy and/or swap all kinds of birds, chickens, geese, you name it! ha!  It can be quite a hilarious site!  (and noisy too!)   I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!   If you're in the central/southern Ohio area, you should check it out!



JunqueMagnet said...

Love that liner. Oh I did not know about that flea market. Hmmmm. Shall I? I'm feeling the pull of Junque. I have an auction to attend on Saturday so will see. Thanks for the info.

Mary-Jo said...

I LOVE this! don't you love it when you find just the right thing to finish a project? Let's see a photo when it's all loaded up with your purchases, too! Have fun!