Friday, April 6, 2012

Super-Cute Watering-Can Makeover!

I picked up two of these watering cans on clearance a couple years ago and finally got inspired to do something with them.   I'm always up for a quick project (one that you can actually get done in an evening!) and this worked out great.

Here is a before-shot.   (I actually forgot to take the before shot but since I had two of them, this is the second one! ha!)

I simply brushed on some flat white exterior paint; it took two coats.

Then I glued on a piece of burlap, then a piece of muslin on top of that after I stenciled the number 7 on it.  

I tied some tea-stained eyelet trim around the handle, added some faux daffodils....

and ta-da....   super-cute!

Now on to the second one!   Have a Wonderful Easter Everyone!


Barbara Jean said...

cute, sweet, and simple. my kind of thing
barbara jean

Mary-Jo said...

Just curious? why number 7? lol

my number would have been 8...

Love that you are cranking out the projects to share- getting us all motivated ourselves!