Friday, May 11, 2012

Burlap Cozies Make the Big Time!

I am honored beyond belief to have my burlap cozies featured on Beyond The Picket Fence's weekly linky party!   Every Thursday, Becky selects several items that inspired and/or caught her attention the week before and my burlap cozies were front & center!

Now, Becky is what I call a big-time 'celebrity' blogger.   With over 2000 followers, I'm sure her site gets hit thousands of times a day!   In fact, Becky herself is a VERY talented craftsman (craftswoman? ha) and makes beautiful things from mainly scrap wood.   I'm constantly going to her site for inspiration and to see all her creativity.

Please check it out; here's the link:

In fact, this isn't the first time I've been featured.   A little over a year ago, she featured my garden memo board!   (You can see that project on my sidebar to the right.)

I am just flattered beyond words and can't wipe the smile from my face.   Thank you Becky so much for the feature and for even just vising my little blog!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thank You Powell, Ohio!

Had a fabulous day at the Powell Street Market last Sunday.   The weather was fantastic and there was a steady stream of customers all day.   Even had one lady come back while we were packing up to buy one of my last plantstands!

Here's a shot of my morning set-up:  (click on pic for larger view)

Don't you just love the yellow aprons tied together across the back?   That really gives the illusion of a backwall and a 'stop' for your eye.   I saw this idea on someone else's blog awhile back and can't remember where, so I apologize for the lack of credit to you!
Even had someone ask if they were for sale.

We were blessed with a great spot, unlike our neighbors who had a sink hole right in the middle of their spot and grass about a foot high!   I felt bad for them but they ended-up having a good day too.   Here's some more shots:

I completely sold out of my garden fancies and only took home 3 plantstands.   I settled on the name 'burlap cozies' for my last project and even made a rhyme with it; ha!  see below:  (click on picture for larger view so you can read the little sign.)(you still might not be able to read it; it says "burlap cozies for your posies".)

Thank you to everyone who came out to the sale and made it a great day for us!    Now to get ready for the Garden Gala next month in Circleville, Ohio; more details to follow.    One last parting shot:

Thanks for visiting!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2nd Mason Jar Craft, As Promised!

So after seeing the prices of old burlap bags, I decided to just buy a few yards at the store.  And let me tell you; working with burlap has it's challenges!   First, it keeps wanting to shift on you, then don't get me started with all the dust & remnants it leaves behind.   
But I'm so pleased with the finished product, I suppose it's all worth it.

First I cut the burlap into strips, then squares, then sewed up the sides.   (Why do I have such a hard time with the sewing machine?   I used to tell people all I could sew was straight lines but now I'm even wondering about that!   And my sewing machine is always giving me fits; constantly de-threading itself when I get started.   For those of you that sew, why is that?   What am I doing wrong?)

Well anyway, here's several little "bags" I finally got sewed up and am ready to sew on the straps.

Here's one with the lacy strap sewed on.  

I then hot-glued some old jewelry pieces on for some 'bling'.    These are just the right size for a mason jar full of fresh-picked blooms.   (or in this case, faux ones! ha)

Look how cute they are, displayed on this old window screen.

I'm really liking these.   They would also look cute on a door-knob, a wall hook, and really cute on a fence post or maybe on a gate in the garden?   

Now I need your help coming up with a name for them.   I was thinking burlap cozies?   (like cozies for your drinks?)  or mason jar huggies?    What do you think?  

Here's another quick project:   I turned-up the handle of an old kitchen utensil and attached it to a small piece of lattice.   So cute!   (and yes, those pansies are fake too!  Maybe I'll have to find some real ones for my next sale this Sunday; real ones would probably look better, right? ha)

Well, thanks so much for visiting!! and don't forget; I need those name suggestions!   If your suggestion gets picked, you win a prize!