Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yet More Mason Jars

The mason jars decided to make yet one more appearance, as table decorations at my mothers 2nd wedding last month.   It was a very casual, backyard affair with just close family and friends and a beautiful day for a wedding.

Afterwards I continued to enjoy the decor on my own front porch.   Here a couple of jars sit on my new little brown table found at the flea market for just a few bucks.

I missed the daisies so much that I had to replace them with fake ones! ha!   Can't even tell, can ya?!

We've been enjoying some fantastic weather lately!   Sunny, no humidity, 70's!  My kind of weather!    It's really put me in the mood to decorate my front porch & patio.  

Here's a really cool old light fixture I dug out of my "someday" stash and hung on the front porch.  (We all have a "someday" stash, right?  That certain thing you're going to do something with "someday"?) 

It looks right at home there.  I just love it and can't believe I bought it, no lie, at least 9 years ago!

A cute little ladder holds a few plants (that I haven't transplanted yet):

Super-cute plantstand on the back patio:

Here's my 'garden' this year: a few tomato plants, rosemary & basil.  (The bench was a 'find' at my old neighbor's house.   Yes, he said I could have it.  geesh!)

And check out this old galvanized little garbage pail.   I saw it at a flea market, thought it was very cool, asked the price, $5.00, said I'd think about and started to walk away but then I heard Mike Wolfe's voice in my head (the guy from American Pickers) and he said "the time to buy it is when you see it", so I made a bee-line right back and snatched it up before someone else could.

My initial plan was to put flowers in it but the lid doesn't open wide enough, so it will just be a little stand for now.

Well, for all you locals, the Circleville Circle-of-Caring Garden Gala is this weekend with lots of beautiful gardens open for touring.   I've heard the gardens this year are located right in Circleville and there will be vendors at most locations.   I'm going to be a vendor on Sunday-only from 1-6 and not sure what house I'll be at yet but if you take the tour, you're bound to run into me!   Hope to see you there!  

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Mary-Jo said...

I can't believe you kept something for nine years! and THEN found a home for it! It looks wonderful on your porch-