Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fun, 'Hot!' Flea Market Finds!

Boy, has it been hot!!  Even the flea markets are showing signs of weariness!   Not as many vendors or shoppers; which can make for some great deals!   Check out this birdhouse on a pole; looks like maybe an old bed post; not sure but I love the look of it in the garden. 

For now, it is just sitting there, leaning on the house but I assured the dear hubby I would (eventually) install it 'correctly'.  (right)

Here's a cute little painted brick I bought from a vendor who has loads of very cute garden crafts and items;  Could have probably made it myself but I also like to support fellow crafters when I can.   I know what it's like to sit there in the heat all day and barely make a few sales!

Check out this cool, vintage picnic table I won on a local on-line auction.   I love the vintagey look of the bench pads and tablecloth and I especially liked this set because the benches are separate from the table and all 3 pieces fold-up!  

I will eventually spruce it up with a new paint job and I think I'll spray paint the legs a flat black to give the legs a more modern look.

Here's a pic from the barn sale we had; taken before the sale started.   The first day, had lots of people, a steady stream all day but the 2nd day was hit/miss.   We were able to get rid of a lot and most of what was left was donated.   I'm already looking forward to having another one in the fall!

Well, keep cool out there and thanks for visiting!! 
(PS:   I'm already working on my Christmas crafts for the fall sales!   So check back in!)