Sunday, November 10, 2013

Grove City Band Bazaar Success!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Grove City Band Bazaar this past weekend!!   It was a fabulous show, even though this is just the beginning of the season!   That just amazed me!

Here you can see my new sign!   Had it made at The Sign Market in Monroe, Ohio; it's 6' long, so I can also hang it in front of my table if needed; but being up against a wall actually worked out great!   (Those 'Command' hooks come in handy! but boy are they expensive!)

Had several different 'garden' ornaments available; people really liked the mini-tart pan ones with the little garden scene on them;  I'll have to make more of them.
The "Garden" sticks are actually little pickets I took off an old planter.

More garden ornaments; and the tall glass flower vases in the brown holders are all sold!

The 'homemade' glass cloches were also very popular and all sold.   I didn't glue the clothe to the plate, so you can change it for different seasons, holidays, decorating, etc.   (I would have had one more but it broke during set-up!! boohoo!!)

As you can see, by late Sunday afternoon, we had a 50% off sale;  of course the ladies Loved That!   It was also a great way to take home empty boxes instead of unsold items!   (By the way, the blue & pink birdbaths you see are both Sold!)

Some of these plantstands are still available, but that's OK; I'll just take them to the next show, which by the way, is still "to be announced"!   So stay tuned!  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mini Garden Bags!

So how cute are these mini "garden" bags??  Gee, I hope I made enough of them!  :)

They also contain real lavender buds that smell AMAZING!!   Could be used as a satchet, on a doorknob or hook, or even as an ornament on your 'nature-themed' Christmas tree this year!

As you can see, I'll have plenty of these available at the next show, which is coming up in just a few, short weeks!   Tell me you saw them on my blog or facebook and you'll get one for FREE!!!!   How's THAT for a freebie??!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hey, It's Facebook Time!

OK, I'm caving...... caving into this monster they call Facebook.    It seems more & more people are resorting to facebook and after using it for just a few days, I can see why.   It is much easier to post pictures and provide updates.   So, for all you facebook fans, here's my link:

And if you're not a facebook fan, not to worry!  I'll still be updating my blog from time/time.   It's just my facebook might be a little more current.   And did you know that you don't HAVE to be a facebook member to view my page?   That's right!   Just click on the link above and you'll have access to all the photo's, etc; you just won't be able to comment or post, etc.  

And more news!  The Grove City HS Band Booster Fall Craft Show is next month!!   November 9 and 10!   I'll be there with lots of fun, garden-related gift ideas for all your nature-inspired friends or even yourself!!   Watch my blog and facebook for pictures!   Well, hope to hear from you!   Or better yet, see you next month at the show!!

Thanks All!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Best Sellers!

Hi Folks!  Long time, no blog!   Hope everyone is well!   March had me very busy with three spring shows.    All of my garden-craft items sold very well (thanks everyone!!) but my glass plantstands/bird baths are always my best sellers!     It still just amazes me when they completely sell-out and the show is barely half-over!

Here are a few I just finished; in fact, the blue one on the far right is already sold!

The blue ones usually always do go first; not sure why but I know the blue really stands out, especially when you place it in your garden!

I just love this all-blue one!   The other one is a beautiful amethyst color with a stunning almost-copper-like bowl; (this one might be a keeper!)

(yes, that is my run-down ceramic birdbath in the background; I know what you're thinking!  "Why doesn't she put one of her glass birdbaths there?"  Well, let me tell you a story about a cobbler and his children....)

Wait!  I do have a glass birdbath in my flower bed, now that I think about it.   Here is a small collection of glass totems with a glass birdbath that I have had outside for over four years!   That is no joke!

(I don't normally have them grouped together like that but I was cleaning out the flower-bed that day.)

Thanks to everyone who came out to the craft shows and bought!   I truly do appreciate your business and hope to see you again soon!   Please share with me how you are enjoying your garden-craft item, whether a plantstand/bird bath, garden fancy or my latest creation, the garden dream-catcher!  I'd love to see pictures!