Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mini Garden Bags!

So how cute are these mini "garden" bags??  Gee, I hope I made enough of them!  :)

They also contain real lavender buds that smell AMAZING!!   Could be used as a satchet, on a doorknob or hook, or even as an ornament on your 'nature-themed' Christmas tree this year!

As you can see, I'll have plenty of these available at the next show, which is coming up in just a few, short weeks!   Tell me you saw them on my blog or facebook and you'll get one for FREE!!!!   How's THAT for a freebie??!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hey, It's Facebook Time!

OK, I'm caving...... caving into this monster they call Facebook.    It seems more & more people are resorting to facebook and after using it for just a few days, I can see why.   It is much easier to post pictures and provide updates.   So, for all you facebook fans, here's my link: 


And if you're not a facebook fan, not to worry!  I'll still be updating my blog from time/time.   It's just my facebook might be a little more current.   And did you know that you don't HAVE to be a facebook member to view my page?   That's right!   Just click on the link above and you'll have access to all the photo's, etc; you just won't be able to comment or post, etc.  

And more news!  The Grove City HS Band Booster Fall Craft Show is next month!!   November 9 and 10!   I'll be there with lots of fun, garden-related gift ideas for all your nature-inspired friends or even yourself!!   Watch my blog and facebook for pictures!   Well, hope to hear from you!   Or better yet, see you next month at the show!!

Thanks All!