Sunday, November 10, 2013

Grove City Band Bazaar Success!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Grove City Band Bazaar this past weekend!!   It was a fabulous show, even though this is just the beginning of the season!   That just amazed me!

Here you can see my new sign!   Had it made at The Sign Market in Monroe, Ohio; it's 6' long, so I can also hang it in front of my table if needed; but being up against a wall actually worked out great!   (Those 'Command' hooks come in handy! but boy are they expensive!)

Had several different 'garden' ornaments available; people really liked the mini-tart pan ones with the little garden scene on them;  I'll have to make more of them.
The "Garden" sticks are actually little pickets I took off an old planter.

More garden ornaments; and the tall glass flower vases in the brown holders are all sold!

The 'homemade' glass cloches were also very popular and all sold.   I didn't glue the clothe to the plate, so you can change it for different seasons, holidays, decorating, etc.   (I would have had one more but it broke during set-up!! boohoo!!)

As you can see, by late Sunday afternoon, we had a 50% off sale;  of course the ladies Loved That!   It was also a great way to take home empty boxes instead of unsold items!   (By the way, the blue & pink birdbaths you see are both Sold!)

Some of these plantstands are still available, but that's OK; I'll just take them to the next show, which by the way, is still "to be announced"!   So stay tuned!